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Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is something you probably have been thinking about since you got engaged! It needs to be in keeping with your theme and style but also be delicious! Wedding cakes are probably more expensive than you think, so you should consider some alternatives if you are looking to reduce your budget.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

If you are set on a traditional wedding cake then there are a few things that you can do to save some pennies. Make sure that your cake serves the number of guests but don’t over order - it is very common to be left with loads of wedding cake that you have to send home with various guests!

Think about the size of the slices that you will offer. Following a three-course wedding breakfast, you only need a small slice, especially if you are serving food in the evening as well!

The final tip is to keep the design simple, the intricate decoration takes cake designers hours so this can get expensive! Simple but effective is the way forward. You can even use real flowers on the cake instead of sugar flowers which can take a long time to craft and are therefore expensive.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

There are so many alternatives to a traditional wedding cake that make save you some money overall. Instead of opting for one big cake, think about individual desserts that you can purchase lots of and display in an impressive manner. We think a stand flooded with donuts or cupcakes is a great option.

We understand that cutting the cake is a big part of any reception, but just because you aren’t having a traditional cake doesn’t mean that you can't do this. Arrange the donuts, cupcakes, macaroons or other sweet treats into tiers and enjoy your ceremonial cutting!

We have handpicked a selection of cake designers and sweet treat makers which are affordable and offer a range of options for your wedding.