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Wedding Unique Ideas & Vintage

Having recently been guest to many weddings, you may be wondering how you can make your wedding unique.

Unique weddings

Planning a unique wedding starts with your venue, if you have a unique location then you are already creating a one of a kind celebration.

Another way to make your wedding day unique is to add personalised touches. Whether that means your day will be personalised to you and your partner, or your guests, that’s up to you. Include one of a kind favours and other items that reflect the true personality of you and your partner.

Finally, we love the idea of incorporating pets and animals into your wedding day - that really is unusual! Have your family dog chaperone you down the aisle, or have animals at your reception, these are a big hit with your young guests!

Vintage wedding ideas

Vintage weddings are on the rise and this popular trend is easy to execute on a budget. You may not think that you can get cheap wedding decorations, but the vintage theme can definitely fit within your budget.

Our range of suppliers are affordable and make it easy for you to transform your venue. If you are having a vintage themed wedding, you should hire vintage tableware and decorations to make your wedding breakfast feel like a regal tea party.

Get creative with your invitations, decorations, favours and entertainment - all in all, your celebration will be truly unique.